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Consulting Sector M&A Deal News

In the week beginning 20th of October 2014, 9 deals were announced. Here are our top picks. To read more about the transactions please visit our blog.

Collier Pickard (UK) acquired Alcas Ltd (UK)

Both companies provide CRM consulting services. The merger of the two businesses creates a new force in CRM consultancy; implementation, development and support.

Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. (USA) to acquire Brightlight Consulting, Inc (USA)

Sirius provides IT integration and software solutions, Brightlight provides Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions. As a result of the acquisition, Sirius significantly expands its fast-growing Business Analytics Solutions and Services practice.

Empired Limited (Australia) to acquire Intergen Ltd. (New Zealand)

Empired provides various IT services and solutions, Intergen provides IT solutions based on Microsoft’s tools. The acquisition strengthens Empired’s breadth and depth of skills across Australasia and brings a broader customer base.

Equiteq LLP is a consulting industry mergers and acquisitions (M&A) specialist

We serve the global professional services sector with growth advisory and M&A transaction services.

Our mission is to help owners, partners and corporate development executives to grow profits, grow revenue, grow equity value and/or successfully sell their firms.

Equiteq clients achieve consistently higher year-on-year sales revenue growth, EBIT % and higher prices on sale. 

   Industry Average  Equiteq Clients
Growth in Sales Revenue   6.2%  34%
 Average EBIT (Profit)  10%  18.7%
 Revenue Multiple on Sale  1.2  1.8

Our clients span 27 countries and we have representatives in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Australia and Turkey.

We are famous for our Equity Growth Wheel software, which is used to benchmark the equity value in a consulting firm and produce a plan to improve it.

Equiteq Equity Growth Wheel