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    If any of these three things are on your boardroom agenda, please click below and download the EGA briefing pack...

    • Exit strategy and plan
    • Growth strategy and plan
    • Preparing for sale



  • You've been approached by a buyer and want advice
  • You're considering whether or not to sell the company and need advice
  • You need to benchmark value for share plans or restructuring


  • You need a plan to grow equity value and also prepare the firm for a future sale
  • You want to accelerate revenue and profit growth and need help with your business plan
  • You want to evaluate various exit strategy options and move forward in the right direction


  • The time is right to sell your firm and you want a consulting sector specialist to make it happen
  • You're engaged with a buyer you are selling to and need support to close the deal
  • You want to realize some equity now, or exchange equity for finance, or other liquidity event


  • You need a comprehensive market screen to identify acquisition targets
  • You have identified a consulting firm for acquisition and need a specialist to evaluate it
  • You are growing by acquisition and need buy and build strategy advice

Consulting Sector M&A Deal News

In week beginning 31st of March 2014, 18 deals were announced. Here are our top 5 picks. To read more about the transactions please visit our blog.

Scheer Group GmbH (Germany) reached an agreement to acquire IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH (Germany)

Both companies provide IT consulting services. With this acquisition, the Scheer Group expands its consulting expertise within the Group, particularly with regard to customers and markets in the SAP environment.

West Physics Consulting, LLC (USA) acquired Medical Physics Services, Inc. (USA)

Both companies provide healthcare services. The acquisition expands West Physics' client base in the Southeastern United States.

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd (USA) acquired Customer Effective, Inc. (USA)

Hitachi Solutions provides information and telecommunication systems, and Customer Effective is a CRM consultancy. This acquisition provides Hitachi Solutions with expanded capabilities and industry IP (Intellectual Property), particularly in the financial services sector.

ProKarma Inc. (USA) acquired Mantis Technology Group, Inc. (USA)

ProKarma provides ERP consulting services, Mantis provides Big Data solutions. This acquisition will further enhance ProKarma's technology and delivery capabilities while bringing additional expertise around SAP and analytics.

Mott MacDonald Group (UK) completed the acquisition of AWT Water (New Zealand)

Mott MacDonald is a management, engineering and sustainable development consultancy, AWT is a specialist water technology and consulting firm. The acquisition is part of Mott MacDonald's business strategy to broaden the services the company offers in the Australasia region.

Equiteq LLP is a consulting industry mergers and acquisitions (M&A) specialist

We serve the global professional services sector with growth advisory and M&A transaction services.

Our mission is to help owners, partners and corporate development executives to grow profits, grow revenue, grow equity value and/or successfully sell their firms.

Equiteq clients achieve consistently higher year-on-year sales revenue growth, EBIT % and higher prices on sale. 

   Industry Average  Equiteq Clients
Growth in Sales Revenue   6.2%  34%
 Average EBIT (Profit)  10%  18.7%
 Revenue Multiple on Sale  1.2  1.8

Our clients span 27 countries and we have representatives in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Australia and Turkey.

We are famous for our Equity Growth Wheel software, which is used to benchmark the equity value in a consulting firm and produce a plan to improve it.

Equiteq Equity Growth Wheel