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Q2 2016 Report (1)Consulting M&A Q2 2016 Update

A 2 minute video showing the impact of Brexit, stock market performance and trends in Q2 2016.

When Is The Right Time To Sell

When is the right time to sell your consulting firm?

A 2 minute video showing market trends, deal volumes and multiples, top buyers, sector growth, high growth niches.


Demand For Acquisitions In The Consulting Sector - What Buyers Say

Demand for acquisitions in the consulting sector? What buyers say.

A 3 minute video showing the key findings from Equiteq's 2015 global research into buyers' M&A appetite and what makes buyers tick when evaluating acquisitions.

Managing Stakeholders Wbinar Video Image

What is the potential impact on stakeholders when selling your business and how to manage it.

A 30 minute video of a webinar, where Equiteq's CEO, Paul Collins, explains about managing stakeholders during a sale process.

Who Wants To Buy My Business - Exit Options Webinar Video Image (1)Who is interested in buying your consulting firm?

A 30 minute recording of a webinar, where Equiteq's Global Head of M&A, David Jorgenson, explains about the various types of buyers and the benefits of each.

Why 2016 Is The Best Year To Sell Since 2007 Webinar Video Image

Why is 2016 the best year since 2007 to sell your consulting firm?

A 60 minute recording of a webinar where Paul Collins, CEO at Equiteq will provide insight on the M&A deal trends for the global consulting sector, as well as what's hot or not in IT services, management consulting, Engineering consting, HR consulting and Media and Marketing.

Smashing Growth Galss Ceilings Video Image

How can you smash the growth glass ceilings?

A 2 minute video showing why  only 1 in 25 consulting firms break through the growth Glass Ceilings to exceed revenues of $10m and only 1 in 100 consulting firms break through the $20m barrier.


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