Case studies

Did you know that Equiteq has helped over 400 consulting firm and IT service provider owners to grow equity value in their businesses and/or realize that value through M&A?

Here are some example case studies of how we have supported consulting firm owners in realizing their equity growth and value realization goals:

CMF Associates TombstoneEquiteq helps the owners of a leading US financial consulting firm achieve excellent value and synergy potential

CMF Associates provides transaction and transition-focused financial, operational, and human capital solutions to private equity firms and their portfolio companies across North America. The CMF shareholders initially engaged Equiteq to determine their potential market attractiveness. Equiteq was eventually hired as exclusive sell-side advisors for the transaction process, which led to a successful sale to publicly-traded professional services firm, CBIZ, Inc. Read more.

GNC Group TombstoneEquiteq advises GNC Group on their merger with Grant Thornton Australia

GNC Group, is an execution focused management consulting firm headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with offices in Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. GNC Group’s DNA is in the retail sector, but is increasingly engaged in non-retail work, particularly in associated sectors. GNC Group has deep industry based experience in all aspects of the retail value chain. GNC Group engaged Equiteq to run a full sell-side process after an unsolicited approach by one of the Big 4. As a result of the Equiteq led process, the firm merged with Grant Thornton Australia, after identifying them as the best fit for their growth plan. Read more.


Solidiance Tombstone (1)Equiteq helps Solidiance streamline their acquisition of Shanghai-based firm Technomic Asia

Solidiance is a corporate strategy consulting firm headquartered in Singapore with 12 offices covering SEA, China, India, and the GCC countries. Solidiance wanted to strengthen its presence in China, with a view to reaching critical mass in this major Asian market. Going through an acquisition was clearly the way to go, as pure organic growth would have taken too long and too much management time. Solidiance wanted to minimize the financial constraints and the integration risks as well as keeping the process simple and reducing management distraction. Equiteq, who had been advising Solidiance for two years, was requested to help achieve these objectives. Read more.


HS2 Tombstone

Domestic and international buyers provide attractive options and pathways for digital transformation agency, HS2 Solutions

HS2 Solutions (HS2) is a full-service digital transformation agency offering a broad range of strategy, experience design, development, analytics, and marketing execution services to help clients address their digital priorities. HS2’s owners initially engaged Equiteq to conduct a valuation of the business and to review the universe of potential buyers / investors. Equiteq was subsequently hired as HS2’s exclusive financial advisor for the overall transaction process. HS2 ultimately received an investment from private equity firm Mountaingate Capital (Mountaingate). Read more.


PMsquare Tombstone

Equiteq helps Australian business consulting firm with an APAC growth rationale to complete a merger within 4 months

Award winning PMsquare, an Australian IBM Premier Business Partner, was established in Sydney in 2008 and expanded to Singapore, the US and the Philippines. PMsquare is a business consulting company specializing in financial and operational performance management (FOPM) and business analytics solutions. They wanted to grow and develop in the APAC region and so Equiteq undertook a strategic review, identifying options for growth. Equiteq helped PMsquare to be ‘investor ready’ by developing an information pack, which became a key success factor during discussions with one of PMsquare’s competitors, Cornerstone Performance Management. A formal discussion between both parties evolved the deal from a sale/buy deal to a merger. Equiteq managed the process, ensuring it was completed within a short timeframe. Cornerstone and PMsquare merged their Australian and Asian businesses; with the Australian business operating under the Cornerstone brand and the Asian region continuing to operate under PMsquare as part of the Cornerstone Group. Read more.

Harlex TombstoneEquiteq's expertise in the IT consulting sector helps Harlex Consulting strenghten their UVP leading to a successful sale

As the go-to SAP partner for data migration, Harlex Consulting works with clients to plan, manage and deliver complex and often international SAP data migration programmes, managing and controlling risk through their proven best practice methodology and accelerators. After a period of rapid growth, Equiteq was engaged by the client to provide financial advisory services, identifying their unique value proposition and positioning the company to the market as an expert in providing SAP data migration services to clients using their best practice proprietary methodologies. The result was a highly successful sale to SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner AG, a Frankfurt-listed IT and business transformation consultancy specializing in SAP solutions. Read more.

Regulatory Compliance TombstoneAchieving an optimal transaction outcome for leading regulatory compliance firm

A leading US business strategy and regulatory compliance firm focused on the asset management and financial services industries had received unsolicited interest from a number of larger competitors and contacted Equiteq to help. Equiteq performed a valuation and modeled various scenarios ranging from a full exit to continued growth, enabling ownership to fully evaluate their options. Equiteq developed a mini-process designed to clarify interest and drive the firm to the best possible outcome. Our client was ultimately sold to a global financial services firm with Equiteq acting as exclusive financial advisor. Read more.


Habber Tec TombstoneEquiteq helps to find the right synergistic buyer for BPM & digital transformation firm Habber Tec Brazil 

Habber Tec Brazil is Brazil’s largest IBM partner delivering value-added business process management (‘BPM’), mobile solutions, big data & analytics implementation consultancy to customers in the financial services sector. Equiteq was engaged by the client to provide financial advisory services, manage the sale process, identify their most attractive value proposition and communicate their thought leadership in BPM within the financial services sector to the market. This resulted in a successful sale to GFT Technologies, a Frankfurt-listed business change and technology consultancy providing services to the global financial services sector. Read more.

FS Management Consultancy Case Study Tombstone

Equiteq delivers top of the range EBITDA multiple in sale of FS management consultancy

Equiteq’s client is a fast-growing management consultancy business working in the UK financial services industry. They were seeking a transaction to enable succession in their management team and release value for major shareholders. Equiteq advised their client’s shareholders to find a synergistic financial investor who would provide the required investment whilst concurrently giving access to new financial services markets, including the US. Our client achieved a top-of-the-range EBITDA multiple of c10, with an attractive structure that met shareholders’ individual cash-out and re-investment goals. Equiteq ensured that the deal included a ‘performance ratchet’ to capture additional equity value if/when the company delivered or beat its financial projections. Read more.

Health Strategy Tombstone

Equiteq’s guidance supported growth and led to a successful transaction for health strategy firm

A global health strategy firm headquartered in the U.S. helps their clients develop and execute strategic communications and PR in the pharma space. They approached Equiteq to help them define and communicate their offering to the market and provide focus to the elements driving revenue growth in order to achieve a successful sale. With Equiteq as their exclusive financial advisor, they were acquired by a global marketing and communications firm. Read more.


Market Research Tombstone

Equiteq helps market research firm move to next level of international development and create a favourable exit deal structure

Our client, a top-quality market research firm headquartered in Singapore operates across Asia-Pacific with an international client base. Its international delivery model provides great flexibility and profitability, however, growth potential had plateaued. The founder decided to look for an international acquirer who would be a ‘good home’ for the firm and its team, offer international development potential, and provide both strong value realization and new professional perspectives. Read more.

Integrc Tombstone
Focusing on Intellectual Property and ongoing support processes made Integrc a sought-after acquisition target

Integrc, the world's largest SAP GRC specialist provides consulting and managed services to many leading multinational companies. Soon after they formed they accelerated quickly to become the market leading specialist. However, to take their business to the next level they needed to merge with a major firm with a global reach. Read more.

Anonymised (2) Case Study Tombstone

Client relationship management key to research and strategy firm’s growth

This U.S. based research and strategy firm leverage powerful social science methodologies to reveal the mind of the customer. The team’s energetic spirit and pioneering approach won them many blue chip clients, but their CEO asked Equiteq to help them take a more strategic approach to business – namely, retaining key customer accounts, making better use of associates and encouraging steady growth. As a result of the engagement with Equiteq, they were growing 20% year on year. Read more.


Noah TombstoneA focus on synergy value led to the successful sale of Noah Consulting to Infosys

Noah Consulting, an award winning IT strategy consultancy catering to the oil and gas industry, approached Equiteq for guidance on how to best manage regular inquiries from buyers.  Equiteq utilized its Valuation and Market Risk Assessment (VMRA) tool to provide an in-depth analysis of the business and the perspective that Noah’s shareholders needed to make an informed decision. As exclusive financial advisor, Equiteq led the sale of Noah Consulting to Infosys Ltd. (NYSE: INFY) for an aggregate purchase consideration of $70 million. Read more.


Activeo Tombstone (1)

Equiteq helps Activeo boost international development by targeted acquisitions in Asia-Pacific

Equiteq was engaged by Paris-based Activeo, a leader in Customer Collaboration Technologies and Customer Experience Consulting, to define and implement a strategic international development plan, where organic growth would be boosted by targeted acquisitions and new ventures. The ultimate objective was to optimize the outcome of an exit strategy to be executed within the next few years. With in-depth expertise and insights in the consulting industry, Equiteq helped Activeo design and execute the strategic plan, first by creating a new unit in Switzerland, then by acquiring a majority shareholding in Kasturi Technology, and a strong minority stake in, Jusfeedback, two Singaporean companies specialized in Unified Communications (UC) and Customer Feedback Management. These moves constituted major steps for Activeo to expand in Asia-Pacific (supplementing its existing bridgehead in India) and build an integrated international network. Read more.

Crossbridge Tombstone - Case Studies Page

Long term growth support and expert transaction guidance led to a premium sale for Crossbridge 

Crossbridge, a specialist management consultancy focused exclusively on financial services, engaged Equiteq to run an Equiteq Growth Accelerator (EGA) workshop leading to long term growth support with an aim to help Crossbridge build value. A three year growth support programme, based on Equiteq’s ‘8 Lever model’, contributed to 66% revenue growth in 2 years. Based on a successful growth support programme and Equiteq’s deep consulting transaction experience, Equiteq was appointed as lead advisor for the sale. Crossbridge was sold to Synechron, the largest independent technology consulting and outsourcing provider for the financial services, at a valuation which exceeded shareholder expectations. Read more.


GL Hearn (3)

Delivering a premium sale for GL Hearn

GL Hearn (GLH), a market-leading UK property consultancy approached Equiteq as part of its annual strategy development process to provide an assessment of the M&A market. Through Equiteq’s Valuation and Market Risk Assessment (VMRA) methodology, the board of GLH gained good insight into the strategic sale potential of GLH, prompting their decision to take GLH to market. Based on our deep consulting transaction experience, Equiteq was appointed as lead advisor for the sale. GLH was sold to Capita for £30m in 2015, a valuation which substantially exceeded shareholder expectations.
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Long Term Growth TombstoneLong term growth improvements leading to a premium sale value

This Canadian technology company offers change management and IT services to clients in healthcare, government, technology integrators, insurance and utilities. Working with Equiteq prior to being sold and using Equiteq’s 8 levers of Equity Value model, the company strengthened the levers which were initially weakest; their market propositions and their sales and marketing processes, leading to a sale in 2015.
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Blue Sky Tombstone (2)Stengthening and leading BlueSky to a premium sale

Blue Sky Performance Improvement, a boutique performance improvement consultancy, engaged Equiteq to help build value over several years with the aim of finding and securing a deal with an acquirer who would buy at a premium price. Equiteq worked closely with the Blue Sky leadership team to grow their equity value, improving and strengthening key areas of the business such as market propositions and intellectual property that proved vital in demonstrating their synergy to the eventual buyer. At the end of a three year process, Blue Sky were approached by Capita. Equiteq led the sale of the firm to Capita, who offered £12m, equivalent to a revenue multiple of 1.7. Read more.

Easton TombstoneFocusing on profit and leadership brought buyers to Easton

Founded in 2000, Easton Associates provided product and business strategy consulting services to companies in the life sciences industries. In 2009, Easton approached Equiteq asking for a business valuation and market risk assessment. Equiteq valued them at $5m. By helping to restructure the leadership and to improve sales and marketing over the following two years, Equiteq helped to grow Easton’s profit, and the value of the business increased to between $12-$15m. Easton sold to Navigant for $15m in 2012. Read more.


Focus TombstoneProviding consulting transaction guidance delivered a sale for Focus

Focus is a corporate intelligence firm that specializes in asset tracing and judgment enforcement worldwide. Whilst working jointly on various projects, a solid business relationship was developed with Burford Capital. They approached the owners of Focus with a potential deal to bring them into Burford more formally, which Focus were looking to verify before progressing further. Based on its deep consulting transaction experience Equiteq provided Focus with advice on valuation and guidance on negotiation, leading to a swift and successful completion of the deal.
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GIA TombstoneImproving value and advising on successful sale for GIA

GIA, a market intelligence consultancy, supported by the Equiteq growth programme, increased its equity value by more than 250% in a 12 month period. Equiteq built a long-term relationship with GIA which ultimately culminated in it being appointed as lead M&A advisor, on its sale to M-Brain Oy.
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Moorhouse TombstoneAchieving a premium sale for Moorhouse

Founded in 2004, Moorhouse is an award winning project and programme management advisory firm that fast built a reputation for exceptional delivery to clients in the public and private sectors. The founder, Dom Moorhouse, had his eye on growth and eventual sale from the get go, involving Equiteq in key management team decisions from the start. Dom led the company to rapid success and engaged Equiteq to help him prepare for sale. Moorhouse sold to BT in 2008, 1 year ahead of plan, for the premium price of £19m, and was the only BT subsidiary to ever retain its own brand and a degree of autonomy.
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NMG Consulting (1)Charting future development for NMG Consulting

NMG Consulting, an international consultancy firm focused on the financial sector hired Equiteq for support in its strategic review and acquisition strategy. Through the Equity Growth Accelerator methodology, NMG developed an objective assessment of its strengths and weaknesses both at group and divisional level, identifying key areas for improvement and potential synergies and leading to a full-scale action plan that included a focused external growth strategy. Strengthened by this exercise, the company has aimed at doubling in size within the following three years.
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