Growing Through Acquisitions

The global consulting sector is highly fragmented with a steep Pareto curve. There are few large firms, but a multitude of very small ones. Often those small firms have excellent client relationships, strong intellectual property and/or geographic coverage that make them ideal acquisition targets for larger firms who need to grow faster than recruitment can deliver. But how to find that needle in the haystack?!

Since its inception in 2004, equiteq has invested heavily in researching and profiling the global market for consulting firms. Our database of over 250,000 consulting firms is tailor-made to find that missing piece in the service/market/geography jigsaw.

How may we be able to improve your acquisition success?

These are the reasons why buyers come to Equiteq for acquisition support

  • Consulting industry knowledge and synergy understanding
  • Strategy expertise on scaling through services/sectors/markets
  • Ability to conduct a comprehensive and exhaustive market scan
  • Prioritizing a 'long list' of targets into a short list of 'best fit' candidates
  • Evaluating synergy value and risk
  • Experience of structuring deals to attract high quality targets
  • Managing the entire acquisition process as an outsource

Our approach and how we make a difference

Because we have deep domain expertise in the consulting sector, with the intellectual property to add significant value to the acquisition process, for example our synergy cube profile matching database (see below), we are able to deliver a target list in a very short period of time, using a 'top-down' market scanning approach. If required we can go on to engage with targets to assess interest, evaluate them using our valuation and growth risk assessment tools or even negotiate a deal on your behalf within ROI policy guidelines.

Synergy Cube

If you would like to hear more, please contact Tony Rice at or +44 (0)203 651 0607.

Recent Equiteq Deal Example

Paradigm Group
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