Human Resources

From recruitment, outsourcing, professional training and education to outplacement, HR management and employee benefits.


Buyer demand is vibrant for human capital services firms because of increasing workforce change requirements in the global economy. However it is a crowded market and the value and market appeal of your business depends on how high your proposition is in the value chain, or how special and differentiated it is.

If you’re planning ahead, considering options or ready to sell now, use the links below to find out how we can help you meet your exit goals.


What buyers of HR consulting services are saying

For our third consecutive year, we have conducted an independent survey of 150 buyers of knowledge-intensive services businesses.

Results show that buyers of HR consulting services expect to make on average 3 acquisitions over the next 3 years.

For all key findings on buyers of the HR consulting sector, download the NEW 2016/17 Buyers Research Report here.


Our deals

- A&DC Group (behavioural assessment and development) sold to PSI Services

- Blue Sky (Training & management development) sold to Capita