Management Consulting

From strategy advice, change management and PPM to economics advisory, healthcare consulting and risk management.

Management Consulting

Management consultancies are often able to generate high profit margins and can be seen as a “tip of the sword” acquisition by many buyers.  However, assets are usually intangible and the acquisition risk to a buyer is high. How revenues and profits are sold as sustainable, futureproofed and synergistic to a buyer or investor, can swing a deal between undoable to premium value.

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What buyers of management consultancies are saying

For our third consecutive year, we have conducted an independent survey of 150 buyers of knowledge-intensive services businesses.

Results show management consulting capabilities in strong demand across buyer groups; with strategic buyers looking to enhance their offering with IP relating to unique methods and analytics tools.

For more insights on buyers of the management consulting sector, download the NEW 2016/17 Buyers Research Report for free here.


Recent deals

- CMF Associates sold to CBIZ, Inc.

- Aecus Limited (BPO) sold to The Hackett Group Inc.

- McKinney Rogers (Management Consulting) sold to GP Strategies Corporation

P2 Consulting (Project and Programme Management) MBO led by Lonsdale Capital Partners

GBR Phoenix Beard (Property Consulting) sold to Savills UK

Solidiance (Management Consulting) acquired Technomic Asia