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Adam Blatchford


Adam helps Equiteq clients prepare their companies for sale or grow through acquisition. He focuses on designing plans to meet the goals of shareholders, advising them on building firms for sale, and working with large firms to identify strategic acquisitions.


Value to clients

  • Worked with over 150 consulting firms to develop their strategies, and to prepare them for successful transactions
  • Develops solutions to align shareholder teams with business goals
  • Skilled in identifying acquisition targets to fulfil strategic objectives
  • Experienced in designing benchmarking interventions to enhance business’ Unique Value Propositions



Adam has over 5 years’ experience in the consulting industry. He has been part of Equiteq as it has grown from 10 people to more than 50, delivering value to clients and building internal processes to allow the business to scale. He previously worked in the charity sector, after gaining a master’s degree in Environmental Management and Business from the University of Pennsylvania.


Other things about Adam

  • Adam is a keen cyclist, rugby and tennis player