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The Global Media Agencies M&A Report 2017

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Strong M&A activity for Media Agenices

Our new M&A report contains vital insight for media agency owners who are considering selling.

Findings from our report show strong media agency transaction momentum, with media buyers using M&A to diversify - wanting to grow their digital capabilities and ultimately increase their market share.

Watch our video to hear Matt Hasson, Director, M&A at Equiteq for more key findings from the Media Agencies report.


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Why read this report?

Our M&A Consulting report is the only report out that looks at the consulting market alone - if you are an owner of a media agency who is thinking of selling then this report will provide you with vital information on market trends and the buyer universe.

The report will give you the vital insight to:

  • The average deal sizes and structures.
  • M&A activity in your region.
  • Media Agencies equity market performance.
  • Valuation multiples and trends in your consulting segment.
  • Who's buying in your sector.


Webinars GreenListen to our webinar on the findings from our 2017 Global Media Agencies M&A Report here.



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