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Management consulting M&A deal flow remains robust, with digital transformation driving demand and premium valuations

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The Management Consulting Global M&A Report 2018
April 2018

We are pleased to present our annual review of M&A and equity market trends within the management consulting sector.

This report considers the deal activity trends across the global management consulting industry in 2017. We also provide a comprehensive analysis of the Equiteq Management Consulting Share Price Index, the only published stock price index for the industry.

M&A activity rose against a backdrop of strong global economic growth, major political events in the US and Europe, and continued advancements from new digital technologies. This year saw further transformation of traditional business models underpinned by advancements in artificial intelligence and data analytics. Traditional management consulting firms now need a new array of creative, technical and management skills, which is leading to fierce competition in a talent war with adjacent knowledge-intensive services industries and corporate entities.

The strong demand for limited skilled talent in hot disruptive spaces is one of the major drivers of strategic M&A and premium valuations across the knowledge economy. Strong pricing and competition for assets is also being supported by rising valuations of a number of listed serial acquirers of consulting firms, along with these cash-rich buyers’ desire for new avenues of growth in rapidly changing market segments.

The management consulting industry continues to converge with adjacent knowledge-intensive services industries, as well as with the software sector. This can be seen through landmark crossindustry deals, as well as major restructuring and rebranding initiatives by the major players to better organize and articulate the broader set of solutions that they now offer.

As the industry transforms, there is a unique opportunity for pioneering business owners and entrepreneurs to create value and make profitable exits within the disruption zone of the market. We hope that this latest edition of The Management Consulting Global M&A Report gives you a taste of Equiteq’s unparalleled insights into deal activity within the industry.

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