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Demand for acquisitions in the consulting sector? What buyers say.

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Equiteq's 2015 global research report for consulting firm owners wishing to sell during 2016/17.

In this publication we reveal:

  • Timing – Are we in an up or down market cycle and is now a good time to sell?
  • Size – Are you well positioned in terms of scale and financial profile?
  • Beauty – What does good look like and how attractive are you likely to be?
  • IP – How important is Intellectual Property in getting premium valuations?
  • Deal – What are the determinants for the realization of equity over an earn-out period?
  • Integration – Post deal, what are the typical buyer priorities for your people and your clients?

Whether you're planning to sell your business or have already embarked on that path, this research of 100 buyers of consulting firms, will influence your thinking and provide some important signposts as to how to best maximize the value of your consulting firm.

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