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Research finds that market dynamics are driving premium M&A valuations for consulting firm owners

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Equiteq’s 2016 survey of global buyers of knowledge-intensive services businesses, found that strong acquisition demand coupled with fewer opportunities coming to market is creating increased competition for assets, leading to robust valuations for business owners.

Listen to one of our webinars where we reveal our findings from our latest research. 

UK: How buyers will spend their M&A budgets in 2017 - LISTEN HERE

US: How buyers will spend their M&A budgets in 2017 - LISTEN HERE

Download our third annual survey for the full findings from our independent research of 150 buyers, where we look at:


  • What target adjusted EBITDA multiples do buyers consider acceptable;
  • How convergence is impacting the consulting capabilities buyers are looking for;
  • How buyers prefer deals to be structured;
  • How buyers evaluate acquisitions;
  • What differences you can expect between corporate buyers and private equity investors.



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