Phil Baxter

Phil Baxter

Associate Director

London, UK

As a part of the M&A transaction team, Phil leads deals or supports clients in a sale process. He has built an extensive track record in this role at Equiteq over the last 6 years. A management consultant by background, with deep commercial, operational and financial experience, he is an advisor you want on your side in a deal.

Value to clients

Phil is exceptional at leaving no stone unturned in a deal process in order to progress, maintain momentum, and close a deal at the highest possible value and with the right buyer or investor. He has deep domain expertise and relationships in the consulting sector. He is an analytical and strategic thinker, able to engage with buyers, accountants, tax advisors and lawyers, understand what they are talking about, and convert their arguments into meaningful content for his clients.
  • Command of facts and figures for advantage in negotiations
  • Can easily switch from detail to the big picture at any level
  • Knows how to identify and describe synergy fit and what that means to value
  • Presentational skills to project the message and tell the story
  • Relentless in arguing the case to defend or improve valuation
  • Able to easily engage with and nurture buyer relationships
  • Hard working, intelligent, does what he says he will do, on time and on quality


Phil was originally a management consultant, latterly specialising in Supply Chain Management. In that domain he has led and supported both global strategic change programmes and local improvement processes. Over the years, Phil has supported household names, such as Ray-Ban sunglasses, and in his own consultancy company, the Toyota Motor Corporation. In Equiteq he has supported several mid-size consultancies in the sale of their businesses, providing advice and leadership from the start to the end of the process.

Other things about Phil

  • Cambridge University, Manufacturing Engineering graduate, MEng
  • Knows the challenges of running a successful consulting business
  • Developed a visualisation product for supply chain performance
  • Has a great interest in trading the financial markets
  • With 4 daughters he fears bankruptcy if they all marry in the same year!


Management Consulting
Management Consulting


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