Growing equity value webinar series

These 30-minute webinars will help you grow equity value in your business. Each webinar addresses one key focus area for your business - helping you to understand and address the key challenges so that you can make the changes you need to support equity growth.


Management Quality: It’s often said buyers buy management teams first and consulting firms second but what does that actually mean? 

There’s about a 50% chance your firm will break the $4m barrier and only 1 in 20 that it will get north of $10m, which is when the bigger trade buyers start to get interested. So what are the management teams who successfully scale their firms doing that the others aren’t? How do you get the right mix of skills on the team? When and how should you share equity? Join us for the last in our series to hear about the secrets to growth so that when you exit your firm you get the best possible price. 

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Market Proposition: What you need to know to attract the right clients and buyers! 

Prospects, as well as potential buyers, need confidence that the benefits of using your services will overwhelmingly exceed the costs. Sounds obvious, right? Yet having worked with hundreds of professional services firms across the globe we have often found that they find it difficult to articulate clearly and simply exactly what their proposition is, why it is unique, and how it adds value. Listen in to learn how to build your own Unique Value Proposition, and why it is essential for your firm’s growth and for attracting potential buyers.

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Sales and Profit growth: How to measure and understand sales, profits, costs and cash to drive your growth and attract buyers. 

Strong, predictable growth in Revenue, Gross Margin and EBITDA, underpinned by good day rates and utilisation, are highly sought after by buyers of consulting firms. Listen in to find out how EBITDA value and growth rate drives up the profit multiple, business value and attractiveness. 

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Client relationships: Why keeping great relationships with the right clients is good for them and for the value of your business? 

A balanced portfolio of quality clients with relationships at senior levels, supported by well-managed account plans, showing growing revenue streams, is highly desirable both for the firm and for potential buyers. Join us to learn how to identify your ideal clients and how to nurture and grow those clients, reducing risk and ensuring you maintain a long-term, mutually beneficial client base.

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Quality of fee income: How can you make client fee income more predictable and reduce forecast revenue risk?

We don’t want you to be in the position of asking your bank to cover your obligations because a client didn’t pay or because you’ve had a few quiet months. Listen in to learn about some tools you can use to avoid contributing to the bank’s profits and instead make your firm stable and more attractive to a potential buyer.

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Intellectual Property: What are the 3 buckets of IP and why do buyers care about them?

In order to sell your consulting firm you will need to demonstrate that the intellectual property of the business – that know-how which makes it really unique and special – will remain even after the founders have left. Indeed, making sure that your IP is properly codified, stored, and available to your consultants will increase the quality of your services and lower the cost. 
Spend half an hour learning how to identify where to focus your efforts on building IP which sparkles!

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Sales and marketing process: Attract, nurture and convert the right clients.  

Our analysis from hundreds of consulting firms, regardless of geography or sector, shows that this is the weakest of the 8 levers, yet it’s crucial for sustained growth. Weak sales and marketing processes are most commonly the reason firms plateau or stall, something we don’t want you to experience as it’s very draining, not to mention that it really puts buyers off. Dial in to find out how to make sure you meet your sales targets and show buyers a smooth upwards trajectory – and avoid a financial history that looks like the Rockies!

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Consultant loyalty: If Millennials on average stay 4 years in a job how do you manage recruit, deploy, develop and plan for them leaving, just as your Boomers are heading for the golf course? 

Beating your competitors in the talent war is vital for sustained growth, yet consulting firms often poorly manage their staff leading to demoralised, highly trained experts who vote with their feet. Also, having the ‘bricks’ isn’t enough, you need the ‘mortar’ too: a culture which enlivens and enriches the experience for consultants and clients alike. Listen in to hear how to create and operationalise such a culture and how to make sure your firm is winning the talent war.

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