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We regularly run and present at webinars and events aimed at helping consulting firm owners to grow equity and realize value in their business. You may want to sell now or be planning for a sale in the next 2 to 5 years. Our webinars will help you to build your knowledge.

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Want to listen to previous webinars?

We regularly run webinars which you are welcome to listen to after the event:

Theme: Selling your business and M&A consulting sector analysis

Play -button _318-42541 M&A trends in 2018
Play -button _318-42541 What buyers look for & how they will determine value in 2018
Play -button _318-42541 Q3 2017 M&A market update - a 10 minute review of current conditions
Play -button _318-42541 Strategic buyer or PE? How to pick the right one for your exit goals
Play -button _318-42541 IP - How you can harness IP to improve profits
Play -button _318-42541 Making a success of succession
Play -button _318-42541 Global consulting M and A trends and analysis 2017
Play -button _318-42541 Media agencies M and A trends 2017
Play -button _318-42541 IT Services M and A trends 2017
Play -button _318-42541 Management consulting M and A trends 2017
Play -button _318-42541 How to handle an approach from a buyer
Play -button _318-42541 Private Equity firm, Livingbridge, answers your questions
Play -button _318-42541 Why the time is right to sell your IT services business
Play -button _318-42541 Who is interested in buying your consulting firm?
Play -button _318-42541 What buyers say about acquistition demand?
Play -button _318-42541 How stakeholders impact the selling of your business?
Play -button _318-42541 How will buyers spend their M&A budgets in 2017?
Play -button _318-42541 I sold my company and these are my tips for you!
Play -button _318-42541 Why media consulting firms are being snapped up
Play -button _318-42541 Why the time is right to sell your IT services business


Theme: Growing equity in your business

Play -button _318-42541 A practical guide to improving margins
Play -button _318-42541 How to put margins at the center of your business
Play -button _318-42541 5 ways to generate new consulting sales opportunities
Play -button _318-42541 Are you scaling smart?
Play -button _318-42541 Sharing equity to incentivize key employees & improve equity value
Play -button _318-42541 How can you attract the right clients and buyers?
Play -button _318-42541 Measuring and understanding sales and profit growth
Play -button _318-42541 Making fee income more predictable, reducing risk
Play -button _318-42541 What is IP and why is it so important?
Play -button _318-42541 How can you gain consultant loyalty
Play -button _318-42541 Using the sales and marketing process effectively
Play -button _318-42541 Why quality management teams are the key to selling
Play -button _318-42541 Why you need great relationships with great clients

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