Client relationship management advice helps research and strategy firm grow 20% year on year

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This U.S. based research and strategy firm leverage powerful social science methodologies to reveal the mind of the customer. The team’s energetic spirit and pioneering approach won them many blue chip clients, but their CEO asked Equiteq to help them take a more strategic approach to business – namely, retaining key customer accounts, making better use of associates and encouraging steady growth. As a result of the engagement with Equiteq, they were growing 20% year on year.

The client’s situation

This consultancy had a unique value proposition to industry and was delighting some fantastic clients. However, the leadership team was aware that there was no proposition for keeping clients once they were on board. The company was also over reliant on their CEO to achieve sales and run client relationships and wanted to better deploy its bank of skilled associates in this area.

Equiteq offered a fantastic service! The Equity Growth Accelerator got us all thinking and helped us chart a steadier course for growth. Equiteq helped me to think more strategically about how I win, manage and keep key customers as well as how I run and shape the business, with the end goal being to sell our firm for a premium price in the next few years. Their insight has been invaluable.

Anonymous, CEO & Founder

Our approach

Our client used Equiteq’s 8 lever ‘Equity Growth Wheel’ to help them introduce best practice in driving sales and retaining customers.
Equiteq helped the team categorise clients into strategic, tactical, and workload fillers and then understand the average transaction value of each project so they could see the areas where it was most valuable to focus effort. They were then encouraged to create a plan for managing key customers and cross-selling, maintaining and ensuring their satisfaction. They deployed talented staff who were made accountable for fostering client relationships and delivering targets.

This firm is now a transformed enterprise. It has gone from a vibrant company that operated on a maverick basis to a tight knit team of experts who understand the value of their clients and foster important relationships for the good of the business. The leadership team carved out a solid five year plan to grow and sell the business and is on course to achieve this.

How did Equiteq deliver value to the client?

  • They helped their client make rapid progress over a three year period using the Equity Growth Wheel, with a specific focus on sales and profit growth, market proposition, and management quality
  • With Equiteq’s advice, this research and strategy firm has been able to improve their client relationship management, resulting in increased recurring revenue

  • Equiteq helped the team grow revenue from $10m to $20m in 2 years
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