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NMG Consulting, an international consultancy firm focused on the financial sector hired Equiteq for support in its strategic review and acquisition strategy. Through the Equity Growth Accelerator methodology, NMG developed an objective assessment of its strengths and weaknesses both at group and divisional level, identifying key areas for improvement and potential synergies and leading to a full-scale action plan that included a focused external growth strategy. Strengthened by this exercise, the company has aimed at doubling in size within the following three years.

The client's situation

NMG Group is a strong international consulting and advisory organisation focusing on the financial sector. Originally formed in Singapore in 1992, NMG has expanded into Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South Africa. It was looking to boost its equity value to improve its short term performances, finance its external growth strategy (partly through shares considerations) and help direct managerial attention toward long term synergistic group building.

The NMG Consulting leadership team and I truly enjoyed the Equity Growth Accelerator review conducted by Equiteq. It was a collective exercise that was at times challenging but always productive. It triggered strategic changes in the way we look at our business and set in motion a number of actions that will no doubt enhance NMG's potential in terms of both organic and external growth.

Geoff Baars Group Executive Director

Our approach

Equiteq ran an initial EGA workshop with the NMG Group Executive Director and the CEO of NMG Consulting to benchmark the business against the wider industry and map where it wanted to be within the following three years.

Four workshops were then conducted in a lighter format with the leadership teams of four divisions (Strategy, Actuarial, Insights & Analytics).

The outcomes of the workshops were consolidated into an Outcomes Report, which focused primarily on issues that were common amongst divisions, or that related to Group synergies. Equiteq presented and discussed the report with the Group CEO and the Consulting Group CEO before the annual global management meeting of NMG Consulting. Equiteq then ran a two-day session including group work, with three teams elaborating and presenting suggestions on 10 strategic issues identified as critical during the discussion. In the final step, the participants voted on the priority levels to be given to each issue, and suggested actions to be taken.

How did this deliver value to the client?

Equiteq’s delivered EGA methodology helped NMG Consulting identify and approach its top priority areas: 

  • Developing relevant IP within each entity of NMG Consulting
  • Defining an effective external growth strategy (target selection, market positioning, geographies, size, integration, etc.)
  • Becoming an employer of choice – improving recruitment and career management

Based on the outcome of the workshops, the company designed and embarked on the implementation of an Action Plan that both enhances the robustness and performance of the business and streamlines the path towards selected acquisitions. This joint exercise conducted over three months paved the way to the achievement of NMG's three-year objectives by creating a clear roadmap, identifying and prioritizing the key actions to be taken, and mobilizing the whole management team.  

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