Equiteq assisted an IP driven consulting firm in scaling their offerings and catalyzing growth of client reach via a strategic alliance with a global advisory firm

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Pathway to Your Potential (P2YP) is a leadership, talent and diversity consulting firm delivering transformational change to organizations and their people through creating and delivering innovative experiences with measurable impacts. Dr Jess Murphy, founder of P2YP approached Equiteq to help select a partner that would enable them to expand their capabilities to impart positive transformational change to organizations in Australia and globally. Equiteq conducted a competitive sale process which identified Mercer as the ideal fit-for-purpose partner aligned with P2YP’s goals, resulting in the strategic alliance of P2YP and Mercer Australia.

Equiteq were highly experienced in working with consulting firms and switched-on when it came to bringing the best out of P2YP. Their unique approach in articulating and emphasising the power of P2YP’s IP played an important role in successfully securing the strategic alliance with Mercer. I was delighted to work with the Equiteq team and highly commend their ability to back P2YP’s aspirations while ensuring alignment with Mercer’s interests.

Dr Jess Murphy Founder, Pathway To Your Potential

The client's situation

Through P2YP, Dr Jess Murphy had developed an academically backed set of IP and an inimitable brand as a leadership, diversity and talent thought-leader. This was proven through the immense organizational impact delivered to a large international professional services firm and other blue-chip clients. P2YP’s key value-drivers resided in its fully documented processes and materials to deliver services, a combination of tailored workshops and packaged programs, deep industry networks and a high-momentum pipeline of recurring revenue.

To unlock growth potential, accelerate delivery and continue the enhancement of IP, a global partner with the right talent pool, market reach and innovative mindset was required.

Our approach

Equiteq helped P2YP to distil its growth aspirations into a focused, value-adding action plan that consisted of two parts - a full deal process and a negotiation phase to develop a scheme capturing its desired alliance agreement. Given the IP driven nature of P2YP, Equiteq’s proprietary Equity Growth Accelerator (EGA) methodology played a central role in revamping P2YP’s business model to highlight the ability of their IP to amplify firm value, scalability of offerings and service differentiation.

Following the crystallisation of its 3-year business plan and operating model, P2YP then engaged with prospective buyers in a competitive bid process managed by Equiteq. Equiteq’s project management and advisory roles ensured P2YP remained undistracted during the transaction and focused on objectively identifying the ideal ally to achieve synergy-fuelled growth.

Equiteq formed a symbiotic contractual scheme consisting of a consulting services contract and an IP access licence which cemented the alliance between the parties.

Shareholder exit goals & deal rationale between buyer & seller 

The alliance with Mercer will help P2YP to become an industry innovator in the leadership, talent and diversity space. By leveraging Mercer’s well-established leadership & development practice and capabilities, P2YP can boost its IP development and delivery plan to national and global levels. P2YP’s complementary and systemized programs bolsters the growth of Mercer’s leadership & development practice. Together, P2YP and Mercer can deliver unique and impactful transformational change to the talent pools of the modern organization.

How did Equiteq deliver value to the client? 

Equiteq worked closely with Dr Jess Murphy’s P2YP to help achieve the desired transaction outcome with Mercer on 2 fronts:

1. Transformed P2YP’s operating highlights into tangible documentation and processes that highlighted its unique service differentiators, strong financial performance and untapped potential to scale. This involved:

  • Applying Equiteq’s proprietary EGAmethodology to refine and strengthen the presentation of P2YP’s IP to potential buyers.
  • Creating a 3-year business plan focused on highlighting P2YP’s pipeline and client acquisition potential.
  • Developing a dynamic operating model that illustrated P2YP’s capacity to scale and deliver service to its clients.
  • Producing a comprehensive information memorandum that articulated P2YP’s key transaction motivators and synergistic contributions to buyers.
  • Running a competitive process to ensure an optimal value and a strategic partner was identified.

2. Finalizing P2YP’s alliance structure with close collaboration with key Mercer leadership figures by:

  • Taking the role of the intermediary advisor to back P2YP’s interests while protecting them from the pressures of the negotiation.
  • Facilitating clear channels of communication with Mercer to expedite discussions and achieve favourable outcomes.
  • Developing an accretive deal structure and a company valuation that reflects both the tangible and intangible value embedded in P2YP’s IP based offerings. 

 Read the press release on this deal here.

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