Cloud Data Platforms M&A Report 2023

Cloud Data Platforms are evolving rapidly with an increasing number of analytical and operational features expected in standard offerings, making attractive pricing and easier implementation the differentiators.

Key findings from the 2023 Cloud Data Platforms report include: 

  • Gartner’s latest study reveals that over 65% of data lake projects fail due to unreliable and poor-quality data; challenges which can be addressed by the data ingestion and analytical capabilities of Cloud Data Platforms
  • Along with the hyperscalers, Snowflake and Databricks are emerging as clear Market Leaders in both Cloud DBMS and Data Management for Analytics, positively impacting the wider consulting and implementation partner ecosystem
  • M&A activity has been most pronounced in the middle market space by mainly Strategics but with growing interest from Financial Sponsors 
  • Value drivers for investors and acquirers include depth of service offerings, skilled and certified talent pool, and intellectual property 

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The content of this report is a compilation from a team with extensive experience in the Knowledge Economy, created to help you make well-informed, critical decisions about the future of your business.


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