For the ninth year, we’re pleased to present the findings from our annual survey of global Strategic buyers and Private Equity investors across Technology and Consulting services.

12 months ago, buyers and investors were wary of the macroeconomic challenges ahead, predicting a softening of M&A activity during 2023 as they sought to ride out an inflationary environment. Now a year later, we have found the Knowledge Economy resilient thanks to macro trends like digital transformation remaining pivotal and perennial. Respondents today remain bullish in their long-term outlook, suggesting that any slight softening of activity is likely to be relatively short-lived. With buyers expecting greater capital availability and more deals next year, this is a positive sign of stability returning to the market.

Download this year’s Global Buyers Report to get insight into:

  • The emerging role of Artificial Intelligence in M&A
  • The propensity for acquisitions and what buyers are seeking
  • Appetite for IT Services and Management Consulting verticals
  • Deep dive into buyers’ interest in the most popular Technology Ecosystems
  • Key deal evaluation and assessment criteria
  • What deal structures and valuation will look like in 2024

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