M&A Trends 2022

A report featuring eight key trends driving M&A in 2022. Aimed to inform founders, entrepreneurs and investors on their M&A strategies.

Resilient, adaptable, innovative. These are the terms used to describe the Knowledge Economy at the close of 2020 and all throughout this past year. 2021 has been a record year for the sector, seeing deal counts and values being eclipsed every quarter.

In this year's report, our team of M&A experts once again dig into the impact these trends will have on sellers and buyers in 2022 and how to apply them to gain commercial advantage:

  • The adoption of digital is here to stay
  • Emerging and advanced technologies are being rapidly commercialized
  • Tech-driven enablement of customer-centricity has arrived at the centre of consulting and tech-enabled services propositions
  • Private Equity participation is still increasing
  • Next-gen technology platforms are coming of age
  • Vertical software solutions continue to play a growing role
  • The need to acquire nearshore skills is becoming more acute
  • Sustainability and ESG are climbing the corporate agenda
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The content of this report is a compilation from a team with extensive experience in the Knowledge Economy, created to help you make well-informed, critical decisions about the future of your business.

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