Salesforce Ecosystem M&A Update 2023

One year ago, market analysis showed that the Salesforce Ecosystem is projected to expand more than three-fold and become more than 6x the size of Salesforce itself by 2026. M&A deal volume in the ecosystem reached a new peak in 2022, supported by growing appetites among PE and PE-backed portfolio companies. 

In the 2023 Salesforce Ecosystem M&A Update report you will find: 

  • An overview of the global market and opportunities for Salesforce partners
  • Commentary on recent global M&A activity, including multiples and valuation drivers
  • Profiles of potential buyers/investors, plus an overview of six desirable characteristics

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The content of this report is a compilation from a team with extensive experience in the Knowledge Economy, created to help you make well-informed, critical decisions about the future of your business.


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