SAP Ecosystem M&A Report 2023

The SAP partner ecosystem is predicted to generate ~5x as much revenue as SAP itself by 2024. There are now >22,000 SAP partner firms globally, offering a range of services, including systems integration, consulting, managed services, and cloud services. With this highly diverse and sophisticated ecosystem, there is ample space for consolidation, driving M&A opportunities for sellers and buyers. 

In the 2023 SAP Ecosystem Report, you will gain: 

  • An overview of the global SAP market and the trends supporting its growth
  • Insight into key M&A activity, metrics,and valuation multiples 
  • Profile of the major buyers and buyers groups, including detail of what they are looking for

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The content of this report is a compilation from a team with extensive experience in the Knowledge Economy, created to help you make well-informed, critical decisions about the future of your business.

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