3 M&A Trends Consulting Services Firms Should Know in 2023

March 13, 2023

In our recent Consulting Services Trends Report, the Equiteq team outlines three M&A trends that will drive and shape M&A in the sector this year and beyond. 

Here are the key takeaways: 

Trend 1: Ongoing economic challenges

  • Ongoing economic uncertainty will continue to act as a short-term dampener on M&A activity in the Consulting Services space during H1 2023
  • Private Equity buyers still hold significant amounts of dry powder that needs to be deployed and their growing comfort with the Professional Services space will likely be a key driver of M&A activity
  • Those consulting firms that invest in making an impact and can demonstrate how they enable success, will prove most attractive to buyers

Trend 2: Consulting & the Digital Transformation 

  • The cloud - and everything it enables - will remain a fundamental driver of M&A activity in the Technology Services space during 2023
  • To stay relevant and maximize delivery impact, it is essential for Management Consultancies to keep investing in learning about emerging technologies and the talent that understands them
  • Specialized consulting that can enable Digital Transformation is most in demand in the healthcare, life sciences, engineering, and finance sectors

Trend 3: Sustainability & ESG Consulting 

  • Specialized consulting in areas such as ESG and sustainability is becoming increasingly attractive to buyers and this will only be accelerated by evolving regulatory environments
  • Private Equity are a major buyer subset, with a growing number of specific funds being set-up to execute long-term buy-and-build strategies in the sustainability space
  • Although in the ascendancy, the sustainability consulting space is still relatively young and remains unconsolidated, with few clear market leaders


For more in-depth commentary on these three trends, download the Consulting Services M&A ReportIf you'd like to speak directly to one of our M&A experts about the future of your business, email us now