March 09, 2015

March 2015

Equiteq and its North American partner 7 Mile Advisors are pleased to announce that their client Paradigm Consulting Group has been acquired by SEB (Smart Employee Benefits), a Canadian technology company providing IT and Management Consulting services to corporate and government clients. The deal was completed on March 9, 2015.

Equiteq and 7 Mile Advisors are merger and acquisition specialists providing strategic advisory and M&A transaction services to the consulting and IT services sector. Equiteq was engaged by Paradigm  in 2013 to help the shareholders achieve their equity growth and realization objectives. 7 Mile Advisors are an Equiteq alliance partner in North America and acted as lead advisor on the deal. Canadian firm Paradigm has over 110 employees and provides information technology and business direction and solutions to government and private industry throughout North America. Mark Hustak, President and CEO of Paradigm, said: “We first met Equiteq several years ago when they advised us on our growth strategy, including developing our UVP and strategic client selling process. Their approach helped us de-risk and improve the equity value of our business so that when we made the decision to take Paradigm to market we were well prepared.”

David Jorgenson, US Managing Director at Equiteq added:

“It is gratifying to see Paradigm and SEB come together. After working with Paradigm in a strategic growth advisory role for some time, we knew from the outset they were a quality firm and I am thoroughly delighted for the shareholders that it has culminated in this transaction.”

Andy Johnston of 7 Mile Advisors said:

“After carefully evaluating compelling offers from some of the leading consulting firms in their space, the Partners at Paradigm decided that SEB presented the best fit both for their staff and their clients.” To see all of our deals, please click here.  ©Equiteq 2015