August 18, 2014

31 July 2014

Consulting firm M&A specialists Equiteq have launched Equiteq Edge, a new online resource hub that provides owners with vital information to help them develop their consultancy to be both sellable and valuable.

Bringing together a global community of experts, Equiteq Edge provides analysis of market conditions, advice from those who have sold their firms and even intelligence from buyers themselves. “Generating consistent growth is the biggest day-to-day priority for any consulting firm, whilst selling your business can often be one of the greatest life-changing decisions you ever make,” says Paul Collins, Managing Director of Equiteq. “Both require careful planning and an in-depth understanding of the challenges and how to meet them. “Quality firms sell for premium valuations because their owners have designed into their business a certain set of characteristics that buyers find attractive. Many more firms will never sell because they are not big enough, bring nothing new to buyers, or are not valuable enough to make a sale worthwhile. Equiteq Edge will help you to emulate those that succeed.” Equiteq Edge is free and available to shareholders, prospective shareholders, investors and corporate development executives in the consulting industry. Information on how to register can be found via our Resources. “We have poured a wealth of valuable knowledge into Equiteq Edge,” says Paul Collins. “We will deliver insight that helps you grow and sell your consulting firm. “If you are interested in securing your future growth or selling your business, Equiteq Edge is the place for you.” ©Equiteq Ltd 2014