Equiteq supports owners of­ innovative knowledge-based and technology ­firms seeking to realize equity value. We advise on all aspects of M&A, from helping ambitious owners find capital to inject into their business to accelerate growth, through to a full company sale. We use our unparalleled understanding, experience and access in the Knowledge Economy to f­ind you the right buyer or investor, at the best price and terms.


Maximum Valuation

Maximum Valuation

How can your business achieve its maximum value going into a sale?
Best Buyer or Investor

Best Buyer or Investor

Will you find the best buyer or investor by going narrow or going wide?
Optimum Timing

Optimum Timing

Should you sell now or sell later?
Least Risk

Least Risk

Execute a sales process that won’t leave you exposed.
Right Strategy

Right Strategy

Know exactly how you can deliver shareholder objectives.
Preferred Terms

Preferred Terms

Enhance overall deal package through knowledge and negotiation of all deal terms



Strategic Review

In most cases, the optimal first step will be to agree on a clear strategic plan for achieving your goals.
Our strategic review assesses shareholder objectives, the market for your firm, transaction readiness, and the operational strengths and weaknesses of your platform benchmarked to industry best practice. Powered by our proprietary Equity Growth Accelerator (EGA) software, the review delivers a full valuation and a personalized, prioritized roadmap for value enhancement and realization.


We create an environment for a premium business valuation by identifying and mitigating risks, and highlighting drivers of value. We identify buyer categories, synergy characteristics, and develop a targeted acquirer list so that we can create value propositions that will excite them. We then optimize financial performance figures to maximize your company's potential, and compile the evidence, content, and data necessary to support them.


Given we are in constant dialog with decision-makers at relevant buyers, we know the right people to approach and how to draw them in. We attract a wide pool of hungry buyers by developing strong synergy arguments and business cases, stoking competition between shortlisted bidders to enhance prices, and seeding value into the agreement of terms with the preferred bidder.


We defend your business value through due diligence, ensure that the price agreed is maintained into exclusivity with a single buyer, negotiate detailed earn-out and commercial terms, all the while tightly project managing the agreement through to completion. In short: we close the sale.
Our people: in building the team we look for humility in people who have achieved astonishing things in their careers. We seek people who really listen and have the emotional intelligence and sensitivity to guide and advise without being overbearing. Many of our team have founded, grown and sold their own businesses, but no two deals are the same – hence we play what’s in front of us, whilst using our experience, attention to detail and hard work to bring you to the best possible deal.
Our methodology: we have developed a number of effective models that help organizations grow equity value. We don’t claim to know how to operate your business as well as you do, but we know what ingredients buyers will be looking for, and often focusing on these things builds a stronger business whatever the outcome.

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