Who we work with

We work with owners of firms in the knowledge economy to help them grow realizable equity, prepare them for sale and execute a successful transaction to realize the equity they have built. We are trusted advisors to our clients though their journey from growth to sale, sometimes more than once. We typically work with firms from $5m to $100m+ in revenues across the world, as the global knowledge economy M&A market is extremely active in this range.

A key element of realizing equity value in the knowledge economy is understanding the needs of the buying community. We have a dedicated focus on understanding the needs of buyers of knowledge-led businesses within each of these areas, and our clients sell into both strategic (consulting or corporate) and investment (private equity) buyers.

Our clients span all sub-sectors of the knowledge economy, predominantly within IT, Engineering, HR and Management Consulting. Start your journey by clicking on your sub-sector below.

If you are interested in acquiring a firm within one of these sectors, then please visit our Investors section.