Thinking of sale to management or raising growth capital?

Our deep understanding of our sectors and the private equity market is invaluable to owners when positioning their business with investors and banks.

Our work includes advising owners and companies on becoming investment ready with business plans that will attract investors. We negotiate commercial terms and advise on investor selection and transaction process to:

  • Maximize value for owners attracted by a sale to their management team;
  • Optimize the blend of cash realization and reinvestment terms for partial equity sales;
  • Raise capital for growth and acquisitions.

With significant capital to invest, private equity providers will pay full prices for growth opportunities with strong management teams. PE investment can also be a very flexible solution when a full exit isn't desirable but a partial-exit to de-risk a large personal position while retaining a share of the future upside makes good financial sense - perhaps ahead of a new phase of expansion or funding a phased management and equity succession plan.

Our team is drawn from international consulting, M&A and private equity backgrounds and includes the experience of acting as principals who have sold to private equity buyers and being private equity investors. As subject, sector and practical experts, we are ideally placed to advise on all aspects of private equity transactions.

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