Considering a management buyout?

Our deep understanding of our sectors and private equity is invaluable to management teams when positioning their business with investors and banks to raise capital for management buyouts and further growth.

Our work includes advising buyout teams on:

  • Becoming investment ready and robust business plans;
  • Appropriate private equity providers;
  • Negotiation of the financial and commercial terms of the fundraising and acquisition.

Through this process transaction terms are optimized and by managing the dynamic negotiations between management, investor, seller and banks we ensure our clients maintain relationships with their own shareholders and build strong relationships with the finance partners supporting their next stage of growth.  

Alternatively it may be that owners are planning to sell or have agreed a deal in principle with private equity. It is important that management teams are commercially represented and this will improve the team's equity participation arrangements in the context of the exiting shareholders agreed deal.

Our team is drawn from international consulting, M&A and private equity backgrounds and includes the experience of acting as principals who have sold to private equity buyers and being private equity investors. As subject, sector and practical experts we are ideally placed to advise on all aspects of private equity transactions.