Engineering consulting

From architecture, building design and project management to risk assessment, environmental and security.

Engineering consulting

From architecture, building design and project management to risk assessment, environmental and energy, all are staffed with people with deep technical capabilities. However, while buyers always want talented people, the real value is often the intellectual property you’ve built for your staff and clients to leverage.

We are seeing engineering buyers look to expand globally and into new areas, particularly in well positioned infrastructure and energy related companies. With experienced M&A advisors in London, New York, Singapore and Sydney and our knowledge of the market, we have the skills and global reach to sell your engineering consulting business. Call us today.


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We are very happy to have Equiteq on our advisory team helping us define and roll out our strategy. Their market knowledge, credentials in the consulting sector, and innovative approach to our acquisitive growth plan was instrumental in making the deal happen with Polestar.

Irene Molodstov, Managing Director, Molten
Acquired Polestar Group (USA)

Green Line


Your current M&A market

M&A activity fell during 2017, as infrastructure spending declined across a number of major economies. But there was a rise in acquisitions of oil and gas consulting businesses, as well as firms offering consulting around new digital technologies. In-demand digital capabilities include advanced engineering analytics and immersive technologies, which enhance services and create efficiences for AEC professionals.


2018 outlook: Deal flow over the next 12 months will be correlated with the strength of infrastructure spending and commodity prices. In the US, the former is expected to be impacted by the success of the administration's plan to increase infrastructure spending by over $1tn. In the UK, the critical impacting factors will be the potential ramifications from the recent collapse of Carillion and the progress of Brexit negotiations over 2018. We expect continued strong interest in capabilities related to new technologies that enhance services and improve efficiencies for clients.


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