Human resources

From recruitment, outsourcing, professional training and education to outplacement, HR management and employee benefits.

Human resources

From recruitment, outsourcing, professional training and education to outplacement, HR management and employee benefits, all branches of human resources are staffed with talented people. But buyers who acquire knowledge intensive businesses do so for the intellectual property you’ve built for your staff and clients to leverage.

We are seeing buyers who are keen to provide a wide range of offerings, with resourcing, assessing and developing people high on the agenda still. However, it is a crowded market and the value and market appeal of your business depends on how high your proposition is in the value chain, or how special and differentiated it is.

If you’re planning ahead, considering options or ready to sell your company now, call one of our M&A teams in London, New York, Singapore or Sydney to discuss your exit strategy. We’ll be able to advise you on if your business is sellable today, or what you need to do to get it there.


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The great thing about working with Equiteq is that they have been there and bought the T-Shirt. There isn’t a conundrum they haven't come up against and you get advice on every aspect of the journey. They provided us with an end to end solution, starting with the building of the plan to grow the business, executing the plan, then taking the business to market for a successful sale to Capita. Their support is responsive and their coaching gave us the confidence to make the right decisions at each step of the way. Finally, they helped us negotiate and close a great deal with Capita, not just for the shareholders, but all the team at Blue Sky.

Marc Jantzen, Founder and CEO, Blue Sky
Sold to Capita

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Your current M&A market

M&A activity remains well above its ten-year average, supported by rising employment levels and regulatory changes driving demand for specialist recruitment and human resources consulting services.

2017 was marked by growing economic nationalism, causing a rise in demand for acquisitions related to global mobility consulting as firms develop new staffing strategies to deal with changes to immigration rules.

Robust pricing and competition for assets is supported by buyers' search for new avenues of growth in disruptive spaces. The intersection of human resources, analytics and cloud technologies is emerging as one of these disruption zones.


2018 outlook: We expect strong deal flow to remain as the global economy continues to improve. Labor shortages will drive demand for innovative recruitment, training and retention solutions. Technological disruption of the human resources function will also drive M&A across adjacent industries, as well as interest from cash-rich private equity investors.


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