David Cheesman

David Cheesman

Group Director

London, UK

David leads the Equity Growth Accelerator (EGA) practice in Equiteq. He works with boardrooms and shareholders, helping clients to accelerate revenues, profits and equity value, in order for their valuation targets to be reached in months or years. He has a wide portfolio of growth clients transcending the globe.

Value to clients

David accelerates revenue, profit and equity growth with his clients. He conducts equity growth and exit strategy planning workshop, building route-maps to achieve sustained growth and above average valuations by the time their firms are ready for a liquidity event. Beyond the planning stage, he supports the management team in the execution of the plan, by establishing momentum, keeping the plan on track and improving performance. He also leads search projects for acquirers and the development of Equiteq’s own intellectual property. He is the architect of the EGA benchmarking and valuation software, and the Equiteq database of 200,000 consulting firms.
  • Detailed knowledge of operational best practice in consulting firms
  • Knows how to scale through the growth plateaus all firms encounter
  • Builds sales plans and generates quick results
  • Expert in packaging and leveraging consulting methods into repeatable IP
  • Specialist at market proposition development
  • Provides detailed market scans, search and analysis of companies for M&A


He learned the art of process improvement by executing new ‘just in time’ manufacturing techniques in IBM in the 70s and 80s. As the operations director at the consulting firm WCI Group, he built and managed the organisation, processes and management systems that enabled the company to meet and exceed its sales and profit performance targets, growing the firm from $6m to $100m in only 7 years, at which point the company was sold to Private Equity. He has established a number of £multi-million consulting lines of business and developed a £10m revenue stream through a benchmarking service to the global pharmaceutical industry. David has conducted over 60 valuations and equity growth planning workshops (EGAs) with clients and is acknowledged for his insight, rigour and professionalism.

Other things about Dave

  • Won prestigious Supply Chain Council award
  • Avid reader of books on consulting and business innovation
  • World class at attention to detail
  • Experienced sailor and member of the Royal Southern Yacht Club in Hamble
  • Wine-buff and fond of good cuisine


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