M&A Trends Report 2021

December 18, 2020

The 8 key trends in Knowledge Economy M&A entering 2021

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Next year is shaping up to be a very strong year for M&A activity in the Knowledge Economy. In order to assist your preparation for 2021, take a look at our M&A Preview, in which we discuss the following eight key trends:

  • The adoption of digital is accelerating  
  • Emerging technologies are being commercialised rapidly  
  • There is a convergence across the sector and delivery models are blending  
  • Private equity participation in the knowledge economy is increasing  
  • Next-generation technology platforms are emerging  
  • Vertical software solutions are playing an increasing role  
  • Buyers are returning to nearshore locations for access to new skills  
  • Shareholders are aligning expectations and addressing structural risks

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M&A Trends Report 2021